Who doesn’t love Atlanta?

Besides Dallas we all know that this is my favorite state to be in. ATL has it all to me, and I’ve seriously considered moving. Not only because I have fun and enjoy the night life, but because it has a lot of young like minded professionals trying to excel in their careers and be successful.

On this trip, I celebrated my little sisters graduation. I love and enjoy celebrating all my friends and their accomplishments.

Here is a Brief Recap of my trip… Of Course we took lots of pictures.


I got my make up done before the graduation celebration.

Finally got to meet my boo after being in Atlanta so many times & not getting to see each other each time.

Isn’t she beautiful


Me & the beautiful Graduate Chido

Zara dress| Ego Official Shoes

Lastly i wouldn’t forget how great the food was


Be joyful & catch a trip or two.

Life is too short enjoy it!!

Till next time 📍😘

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