how to run a small business with a full time job


Running a business while working for someone else is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. However, 2020 has taught me and proved to me that it is easy to lose anything that is not yours: job inclusive and life is SHORT AND WILL ONLY BE WHAT YOU MAKE IT TO BE. I have often pushed my small business to the side, but what many do not know is that my small business paid some of my bills during the beginning of the pandemic while I was searching for a new job, which made me realize that if I invested more time into it, it would grow.

Thank you to all who supported me. Your efforts never go unnoticed.

During a pandemic, working in the healthcare field has definitely not been a walk in the park, and I am not a stranger to the 9-5 schedule. In the past few months, I have spent more time at my full-time job than I did on anything else that I wanted to invest in. DEFINITELY NOT COMPLAINING pressure, in my own opinion, has and will always be a privilege, and I am blessed to have a job during a pandemic.

This is a short and sweet post very close to my heart. I am still a work in progress, working on creating and maintaining consistency, and I am still perfecting the steps mentioned below:

  1. Audit yourself: what level of entrepreneurship are you In? Beginner or intermediate? Work with the knowledge and resources you have. Ensure your costs of operation are low.
  2. Schedule work hours: Uninterrupted work hours, maybe 2-3 uninterrupted work hours after work. Respond to emails, fulfill orders, respond to comments on Facebook/ Instagram.
  3. Build systems: Asana Is a great free tool you can utilize for project management and project distribution among a small team. It is easy to use and set up. Automate your posts on Instagram using planoly, Unum, or Facebook business manager. Hootsuite is even better to post on all social media platforms at once
  4. Create Boundaries: for your own sanity, separate your personal and business phone numbers! Attend to business only within your work hours.
  5. Self-care Be kind to yourself and prioritize yourself before your business comes and kills youuuuu sis! There is a fine line between making an extra dollar and overworking your body. Happiness first, sustaining your business comes after
  6. Avoid comparisons: If you work a 9-5, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME TO PUT INTO YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A FULL-TIME ENTREPRENEUR. Acknowledge where you are and utilize your free time. Prioritize what is important to you & your business, but do not compare yourself to anyone without knowing the exact steps they are taking to grow their business.
  7. Never stop learning: there is always something new to learn about running a business. Invest, invest, invest! Do this to improve your business and also to ensure it runs smoothly.

You can run your business by yourself but ensure you have a solid support system and entrepreneur friends. Most importantly know when to step back for you.

I hope some of these tips help. Please share with me what you are doing to manage your business with a full time job.



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