How To Enter the Job Market During COVID-19

How To Enter the Job Market During COVID-19

From a recent graduate student trying to re-enter the job market. There is a lot of uncertainty on whether to continuously put your resume out or constantly reach out to recruiters. Transitioning into the new normal is an even bigger challenge.

I have been referring back to these three questions as I continue my job search

1.Am I honestly prepared to work remotely?

If I were to be completely honest, I would rather go into work or office space than work from home. Only because I love to separate work from my place of solace. However, based on the countries current state with the pandemic this is something I plan on adjusting to when the opportunity presents itself.

2. Is the current position I’m searching for something that needs to be filled urgently?

Most jobs in the Public Health field are considered essential which could also mean that employers are actively hiring. For you, it is important to know the urgency in filling up your position because waiting to hear back from an employer can be very nerve-racking. I lean towards the impatient side often, but this process has definitely shown me that patience is an important virtue to utilize right now.

3. Besides the job search what am I doing to boost my skills?

A difficult question to answer for me, because I have made so many plans to utilize my skills outside my job for the other things I love but have simply not been the best at executing all my ideas. Planning is great but execution and consistency are even better. With that being said, I will be starting a new blog series to highlight some important gems I learned in business school. There is a lot of great information I have that can be acquired without you getting an MBA or any business degree.

To improve my skills in the field of Public Health I have utilized Coursera which has great certifications for most specializations: Epidemiology, women’s health, and Global Health…. You name it. I have taken a few classes from The Johns Hopkins University, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Please see the link below: https://www.coursera.org/search?query=public%20health&action=enroll

For any Business or Data programming specialties, I would recommend revamping your LinkedIn and completing skill assessments to improve on a specific set of skills for a job you want. No time can be wasted, pandemic, or not.
Please see the links below:



Above all else, it is important to FOCUS on ONLY the THINGS we can CONTROL during this TIME. Everyone is affected by the pandemic in some way.

All the best in your job search!

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