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how to dealt with comparison

How have you been? how has your mental health been doing? Have you been checking in with your therapist? Have you been reading your bible? Have you been praying? Have you been meditating? Just what have you been up to? Whatever you have happening in your life, I am sending you love and light and a reminder that your hard work will pay off. 

Sis, one of my best friends, reminded me at the beginning of this month that it had been three years since I started my blog. That means that it has been almost 3 years since I vowed to share essential bits and pieces of my life, so women around me do not have to make the same mistakes I did. Have a held myself to my word? NOPE. I have shown up, but I definitely have not been consistent. However, what is in the past stays there, and WE MOVE ON UP AND FORWARD. 

I am reading a new book this month by Luvvie Ajayi Jones, “professional troublemaker,” and GIRL; it is good. I came across a quote that said, “It is time for your actions to start proving the truth of our words.” After reading that sentence two times, believe me, I was in a funk and snapped right out of it. You know what that means, WAKE THE *** UP AND WORK. We have work to do, ladies and empires to build. 

2020 owed me nothing, BESIDES the pandemic, it was good to me, and I hit significant milestones. However, some goals still have had no actions to back them up and just words written down in a planner (unacceptable).

The journey to crash these goals continues. In confidence, pursue everything you have planned to do. A prayer point for me this year is to stay in my lane and avoid comparison. What Is yours, will be yours! Comparison is the enemy and will let you start living a life that is not even yours! When you come to the realization that you never really know the context of anyone’s life, comparison will dragggg itself further away from you. You know ONLY what you are told or what social media shows you but never the ultimate truth. You don’t know what the person you are comparing your life to is really dealing with unless they share it with you. Your lane is better than anyone else’s.

I have come to a point in my life where I do not even look for information that does not concern me, my peace is priority lol 

To minding our business and enjoying everything God has blessed us with. I will be back next week with something spicccyyyyy!!! 

We have a lot of work to do ladies and empires to build, they won’t build themselves. Our words for the rest of the year are consistency, discipline and growth. 

Check in soon, 


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