You don’t need their applause: How to clap for Yourself.

We can all admit that silence when building a brand/business or anything can be defeaning. Building becomes even harder when the people who are aware of your endeavors never show up for you how you expect them, too. Especially when you feel that the content you have put out is your best yet. 

Recognize those thoughts or feelings? What do they often lead to? for me, diminishing content productivity and a shift of focus from my ultimate goal. It takes month and sometimes years to build a house, why then would it be easier to build a brand/ business for yourself? That work has gotta be put forward for the best results.

Many times I have chosen to take the unbothered stance but deep down, I am constantly asking myself what it is that I can do better. I have recognized that the biggest block derailing my progress is a lack of consistency, in this case specifically the inability to show up for myself when I need to. CLAPPING FOR MYSELF WHEN I NEED TO AND GIVING MYSELF HELLA CREDIT. Giving myself a round of applause and keeping it pushing.

I came across a post on Instagram that changed my perception of the definition of consistency – consistency could mean picking out a day or two out of the week and setting them aside to show up on social media / whatever platforms you are using to build your brand consistently. 

To reset my mind and keep building , here are the steps I have taken to clap for myself and give myself the applause I deserve: 

  1. Reestablished my why: Success is in your why and never the noise made when you achieve great things. Hence the new blog name.
  2. Understanding that my gifts and talents were given to me for a reason. I am actively, relearning how to utilize them to provide valuable content. YOUR HOBBIES CAN TURN INTO SKILLS THAT CAN EARN YOU AN INCOME.
  3. No more seeking and waiting for an applause from others : seeking validation from outside sources goes against the path set for me on earth. A path that no one knows and understands but God. I am not on earth to please any man, neither will I rush myself and my journey to please anyone.
  4. Reinforcing and reemphasizing to myself to clap for myself and don’t expect anyone else too. Do not get me wrong, well wishers are always great, but a support system is even more valuable.
  5. Put my best foot forward and nothing else. Everything else will fall in place. There is concept called the cookie jar method by David Goggins that has proven strategies of helping you remind yourself who you are in times of stress. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEg1SG1TOr4
  6. Manifestation and speaking into my life positively. Utilize a journal for this, speak positivity and blessing over your own life, do not wait for your pastor and church and peers to do this for you.

It is okay to applaud you


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